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Temperature sensors are equipped with Watchlog wireless transmitters transmit the measurement data to BSx series signal receivers. Two AA batteries provide up to two years of battery life. The Watchlog Wireless Software adjust the scan rate and data transfer rate.
The temperature sensor is also designed using the MINIMESS P/T test point and can be safely connected to pressure lines up to 630 bar (63 MPa) for temperature measurements.
The temperature sensor chip measures a temperature directly in contact with the fluid in the pipe, rather than measuring the temperature of the external pipe.

The temperature sensor unit comes with a G 1/4 "(Male), but it can be installed and removed at any location with no leakage by connecting the MINIMESS test point.

For G1/4 Temperature Sensor:2149-04-15.13
Both models are compatible with mount installation and cable installation.  

Order Code


     AA: AA Battery
     DD: D Battery

Range XXXX Fitting Y Cable Z.Z
-50〜100℃ (16MPa max) L510 90ºAngle A 1.5m 1.5
-50〜100℃ (40MPa max) H510 Straight S 3.0m 3.0
-50〜200℃ (16MPa max) L520     5.0m 5.0
-50〜200℃ (40MPa max) H520     10.0m 10.0


              Leave blank if no cable

Other length available on request