In order to continuously supply power to the wireless booster repeater, you can choose from 2 products, a single battery pack and a combination of battery pack and solar panel, and it is possible to supply power 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
The large capacity battery pack with 2 channels of solar charging and AC100V charging supports long-term DC 12V power supply for remote field operation. Powerpacks and solar panels provide reliable off-grid power generation to support a variety of Watchlog Wireless products.
The battery pack is packaged in an IP65 sealed case with a rugged waterproof connector, which has two charging sources for internal battery charging with solar and AC power input charging.
The case is also equipped with a stainless steel padlock protector for easy on-site fixing. A 5m cable with a 12V fuse protection output is attached to the battery pack.

The solar panels consist of polycrystalline cells sealed in weather-resistant tempered glass that is resistant to hail and rain, sealed in a sturdy aluminum frame. The junction box on the back of the panel has a structure that does not protrude from the frame, making it easy to install and clean.
The solar panel comes with a 3-meter cable that can be accommodated upon request. The combination of solar panels and battery packs is designed to deliver an average of 53 mA in winter to provide a permanent power supply for 12 V systems.