WL-WIRELESS Signal Extender

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It is a repeater that avoids obstacles and enables you to expand the communication range by re-transmitting the data received by the Watchlog Wireless Signal Receiving Base.
The data transmitted by the sensor module can be read by the HT-BSx series signal receiver computer interface. The receiver itself supports common industrial power supplies and employs a robust IP rating package with an internal antenna optimized for excellent coverage.
The main unit is housed in an IP 67 rated enclosure and can be equipped with an external power supply or two single batteries. The main function of the repeater is to extend the reachable radio range by resending the received data again.
Adding one repeater to a system increases coverage, but no more than two or more repeaters in one system.


The Watchlog is a wireless communication sensor system for pressure, temperature, and flow sensors. Accurate, high-quality measurements are combined with simple configuration and monitoring software.