The Watchlog Wireless is designed to wirelessly display and log up to 100 channels of data from sensor transmitters. The software allows you to create a visual display and assign each reading in real time. It is also possible to display it on other PCs, tablets, iPads, smartphones, etc. using the Web server function.
The Watchlog Wireless can also detect alarms when entering or leaving preset measurement range and automatically log in on demand within configured range.
The visual display and audible warnings can indicate not only loss of communication but also normal monitoring within the set value range.
Using the graph function, you can create custom views for individual figures that are easy to understand (Import various graphics/images and customize labels).

The Watchlog is also available as a customized version (for a small charge) which allows users to create their own unique software package for distribution. It is provided with your choice of corporate branding, including company logo, color scheme and contact information.