Wireless Measurement Monitoring
Over a Wide Area Never Possible Before!

Pressure Measurement, Temperature Measurement
and Flow Measurement

The Watchlog Wireless sensor system is a system that allows up to 60 sensors (100 sensors during Modbus communication) to be connected at the same time for wireless monitoring over a wide range of 800 m to 1.6 km.
Watchlog Wireless was designed to enable pressure, temperature, and flow measurement at a site where cables cannot be routed and a power cannot be used.
You can view the data in multiple ways. There is a free software for Windows tablet / PC software that comes with all sensors, or optional software that has data visualization and data logging capabilities.
With the optional cloud service, you can log in from anywhere in the world on your PC, set an alarm, and receive by email / SMS.


Wireless Monitoring and Data Logging

Pressure and temperature sensors

Sensors connected to Watchlog technology wirelessly transmit measurements to the receiver with a sample time of up to 5 milliseconds. Each system can handle 60 sensors (Up to 100 @ 0.5 seconds) simultaneously.

Receiver unit and PC software

The receiver decodes the sensor data and displays it on a PC screen 800m away. You can also view and log data, set alarms, and perform cloud functions.

Booster repeater

The intermediate booster repeater extends the range of the radio signal by another 800m, enabling communication over a total distance of 1.6 km. In places where there is no power supply, the booster repeater can be used by supplying power with a solar power.

WATCHLOG WIRELESS Specification Features

■Wide range of pressure sensors: 0~700bar (70 MPa)
 standard 6 models
■Temperature sensors:  −50℃~+ 200℃ standard 2 models
■Turbine flow sensors: 0.7~2250L/min standard 12 models
■Data display and log recording
■Real-time display of graphic data per channel
■Alarm setting (2 points)
■60sensors can be operated at a time (Modbus: 100sensors)
■800m+800m= up to 1.6 km wide area wireless range
■Up to 2years of battery life
■Data log can be started by trigger event
■Startup, sleep, and auto response configuration


Cloud services enable monitoring from anywhere in the world
Freely set up SMS alerts to email / mobile phones!

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Product Lineup

Pressure Sensor
Temperature Sensor
Flow Sensor
Signal Receiving Base
Signal Extender
Signal Output Gateway
Solar Panel